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Would You Like a Tinseltown Movie Theater in Your Own Home?

Experience the entertainment of the Tinseltown Movie Theater right in your own living room.

Nearly everyone agrees that the cinema or movie theater is a great location to watch films and relax - that is the magic of a Tinseltown movie theater.

Would You Like a Tinseltown Movie Theater in Your Own Home?

Obviously, the explanation for this isthat you watch the movie on a  panoramic screen with surround sound that can easily make you get lost in the storyline of the picture.

The high quality of the Tinseltown film and the hi-fi stereo system are definitely the most entertaining part of the cinema-going experience. It definitely is not being present in the cinema house itself! They are all too often full of stalls trying to get your money before you sit down and full of irritating yobs after youve taken your seat!

However, what if you could bring this technology home with you? And what if it worked out cheaper too? Surely, this would be something you would enjoy more. Just think about it for a moment: a real Tinseltown Movie Theater at home- your home!

Until a few years ago, only a small number of American families had acquired a Tinseltown movie theater to be used in their own homes. Lately, however, a large proportion of American households are showing a trend to be less interested in making the effort to watch Tinseltowns movies in a movie theater.

Surely, this has to do with the development of the home movie theater system.

A simple home movie theater is relatively easy to install. All you need is a TV with a screen that measures larger than 27 inches, a DVD player and three everyday speakers. There you have the basic components of a Tinseltown movie theater. This is possibly all you need to give you the level of home movie entertainment that would satisfy you.

However, I have no doubt that you would rather have the authentic feeling of being in a full-scale Tinseltown movie theater, but without the annoying other people- or possibly it is you, who would like to sing along, shout out loud or otherwise get involved in the film, but doesnt like to enrage the others. Could be, you know.

In any case, the reason that I am saying this is because there are other items of equipment you might add in order to upgrade the home Tinseltown movie theater experience. A few additions, over time, say, that would ensure a rather more authentic Tinseltown movie theater experience right in your very own living room.

For example, you could supplement the afore mentioned three vital components by installing specialized home movie entertainment loungers; a cool drinks cabinet; small tables for amuse-bouche; adjustable lighting on remote; air-con or fans; an usher with a torch - OK, maybe thats going a little too far ...

Nevertheless, everything is dependent onthe budget you set for your home Tinseltown movie theater. The dimensions of the room are another factor which determines how posh your home Tinseltown movie theater may be.

A handy tip from home theater boffins is that you need to find the correct size television screen for your Tinseltown home movie theater. The proper size does not necessarily mean the biggest you can afford.

The correct sized television is dependent on the place in your house where you are going to  install the home movie theater. "Big" is not always good for your home movie entertainment system.

It is, nevertheless, recommended that the television set should not be smaller than 27 inches, because the image on a smaller television might be disappointing for a Tinseltown home movie theater. A good guideline is that the seats should be approximately 2-5 times the size of the television screen away for average eyesight.

Another tip is that you find loudspeakers that will give you high quality surround sound from a high quality make of loudspeakers. In addition, you need to make sure that if the loudspeakers you bought do not give enough surround sound, then you are able to exchange them.

There are speakers that sound fantastic in the store but when you get them home in a room, they are not up to scratch. If the mall allows replacements, thenall is well.

On top of that, you may need to get a DVD player. Once again, quality counts. It is believed by many home theater boffins that all DVD players produce a clear and crisp picture. Although some DVD players promise a flicker-free picture, almost all DVD players provide this feature, so don't be too much swayed by this 'non' claim.

Therefore, size is important, in this case. Knowing what the size of the location is where you will set up your home Tinseltown movie theater, will be the deciding factor of how big the screen should be. The size of the room is also the basis for reckoning the number of speakers. If the location is somewhat large, you may need more than the starter kit of three speakers. The addition of a subwoofer can also help to achieve a good surround sound if your home Tinseltown movie theater is in a bigger room again.

All of these factors will give you such a home Tinseltown movie theater experience as, a few years ago, only a few could experience. A professional  home movie theater expert may be a big help in ensuring you have the best home Tinseltown movie theater set up to give you the best possible home movie theater experience right there in your very own home.

by +Owen Jones